About Us

We are a company dedicated to the wholesale distribution of electrical and related auto parts, being the leading distributor in the entire region of Cuyo, and one of the most important in the Republic of Argentina. Since 1990, we have been present with sustained activity and a continuous growth.

Proof of this are the customers who choose us and choose again for the success of their business, day after day, year after year, because we provide them with all the tools to make their businesses grow.

The most outstanding and committed brands in the market are part of our proposal, and accompany us in the pursuit of excellence for each of our customers.


We have been working in retail since 1990, which allows us to be the benchmark of the field thanks to the experience and the commitment sustained over the years. We know that our strength lies in providing the best business opportunities to our customers; we adapt to their needs and support their growth with unique possibilities.

We evolve technologically; we permanently train ourselves to always be at the forefront of trends. We create possibilities anticipating changes in the market, we believe and sustain good communication and incorporate the necessary tools to achieve the integral success of our client.

Business units and development of own products

Our philosophy has made our company a trustworthy emblem. Year after year we have managed to be present in more than 2000 locations throughout the country that is why our batteries are available to any consumer when required.

Reymax Batteries

With features associated with excellence our batteries are committed to fulfilling such premises as: More power, more durability, more performance and higher quality.

Reymax is for us a philosophy of action, a business style based on trust, a verb, a constant and permanent doing that allows us to improve the quality of our products and services day after day.

Reymax has a special interest in culture, education and sport, as these expressions match our brand's philosophy, constant improvement.

IDK Moviliza

Our proposal is providing quality products in every part that is needed. We offer solutions adapted to the technological needs in auto parts.

We have a complete line and a wide range in injection, alternating, induced and ignited.

Stock, guarantee and delivery are our strengths in service and attention. We only work with spare parts businesses throughout the country.


Each of our processes has as a base the commitment to create positive impacts on the environment, employees, customers, suppliers and communities. Our practices are financially profitable, and at the same time, socially and environmentally responsible.

We rely on alternative energy to supply our planet and to ensure a good quality of life for future generations. We reuse and recycle materials and waste derived from our activities. We support education, mainly for children with limited resources. We pay attention to the needs of the communities around us, and we make the most of the possibilities to help achieve more acceptable standard of living and development conditions.

Reydi H.P. S.R.L. | Mendoza, Argentina - Phone: +54 261 463 7900 - reydi@reydi.com

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